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Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

Believe it or not this bar is actually in a huge abandon...

The East River at Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

The East River at Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

Surfs Up - Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

Surfs Up - Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

Another glorious, sunny day. We could begin to get used to this!

We left Port Dufferin and followed the shoreline all the way to Halifax, a trip of about 130 km, and made plenty of stops along the way.

At Sheet Harbour we took a stroll down a boardwalk trail that skirted the river water falls. At Jeddor Oyster Ponds we explored the Fisherman's Life museum, a restored family home built in the late 1800's. The complete family history was related by the interpreter including the lifes of the 12 childeren raised in the tiny house, several of which are still alive and living in the area. It was very interesting.

We also stopped at Cole Harbour to watch the surfers. (That's right, surfers in Nova Scotia.) It looked like a lovey beach but I suspect the water was a little cooler than San Diago or Hawii. Perhaps it was the full body wet suites that gave me that impression.

We realy took our time and enjoyed the ride so it was about 2:30 PM when we reached Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax. The Atlantic Canada Film Festival is on this week so we found that Halifax hotels were pretty much booked up. We decided to stay in Dartmouth but since there is a passenger ferry every 15 minutes that crossed the harbour from Dartmouth to Halifax, we were practically staying in downtown Halifax.

At the motel I met some guys from New Brunswick who were working in the area. They lent me a deep socket and I installed my prized bolt, restoring the side stand to it's original funtionality, albiet poor funtionality. I will need to extend this side stand one of these days, it's a pain in the arse. There are several aftermarket fixes available specifically for the F650GS Dakar so it is obviously a poor design that many have had trouble with.

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