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We knew that we wanted to depart Vidalia early this morning, so the night before we stowed the sewer hose and put fresh water in our fresh water tank, due to forecast temperatures of about 25 degrees during the night.

We didn’t discover until later that our 12v water pump had stopped working. So, early this morning (Around 6:00 AM), I retrieved the water hose from our basement storage area and re-connected to the City water supply. Once the morning chores were done, I disconnected the hose and stored it again.

Marilyn & I began our frosty morning with the usual coffee. We had all agreed that we would depart at 8:00 AM, heading to Beaumont, Texas. Marilyn & I were ready to roll at 7:00 AM and pulled the RV up to the office, where we could access the internet. I thought I could then post yesterday’s journal but alas, the “my trip journal” web site was down for maintenance. I finally got it posted when we arrived at the Gulf Coast RV Resort in Beaumont.

We left Vidalia at 7:40 AM this morning and arrived at our stopover point in Beaumont, Texas, at 12:27. Just shortly after noon. Carl & Linda were only 25 minutes behind us and we are all set up side by side.

We drove 239 miles today and I had 10.8 mpg for the trip.

The four of us went to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch or early dinner. The food tasted delicious because none of us had eaten much all day.

Carl & I dropped the girls off at the RV‘s, then sat outdoors sharing a cold one as we talked over the plan for tomorrow.

Once the strategy meeting was over we drove our trucks to fill up with fuel in anticipation of an early morning departure tomorrow. The diesel cost me $2.62 per gallon, using my credit card but Carl paid cash and took advantage of the 7 cents per gallon discount.

We have had a good day today and we want to get through Houston tomorrow morning when the traffic is lightest.

We don’t know for sure just how far we will go tomorrow. All four of us are tired of the set up and the hitch up routine and look forward to being all set up in our home in the valley.

No matter, because we are very relaxed and that makes for good sleeping.

We have lots of pictures to post for you but it may have to wait until we are all set up at Llano Grande.

We are desperately searching for warm, shirt-sleeve temperatures and feel that we are now getting close.

Today was a good day, the temperature here was 60 degrees with bright sunshine when we arrived. Now we look forward to tomorrow and whatever the new day has in store…..

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