Drove south on the Oregon coast - only 77 miles today, but what a trip. The road surface was nice, but the road wound its way around sheer cliffs and seeing a log truck coming towards you on a barely two lane wide road was scary. But, as usual, the master-driver Bob was able to successfully negotiate the road. We got detoured by mistake onto a one lane road around Otter Creek but the views were stunning. We had to unhook the truck to negotiate the road but still, it was an awesome drive.

Stopped to see and walk to the Heceta Head Lighthouse. The park area was lovely and it was a beautiful walk up the cliffs to the lighthouse. I also walked down to the "heads" where there were cormorants, gulls and thick-billed murres nesting. The lighthouse is absolutely beautiful perched high above the sea. The ocean waves were very strong because again there was a significant wind - probably about 30 mph on a regular basis.

We couldn't go out onto the beach because of the winds, though because the sand was being blasted all over us.

We decided to stay in Florence, OR at the Happy Trails RV park. Not pretty but really nice - all cement pads, level, and fairly large sites with cable and 50 amp service.

Then drove back to see the Sea Lion Caves. What an incredible place!!!! It is a sea lion "haul out" and there are sea lions everywhere - outside on the rocks at two locations and down inside a cave. there is an elevator that goes down 200 feet into the cliff wall and when you get out, it is a huge cave - apparently one of the largest sea caves in North America. In the middle of the sea cave were large rocks and all over the rocks were sea lions. As you get out of the elevator, there are two things that strike you immediately: the smell and sound of the sea lions. The smell was almost unbearable.

All of my photos from inside the cave were awful because you were not allowed to use a flash. But the outside ones are ok.

Florence Oregon is a charming town with a waterfront area full of neat little shops. Didn't do alot of shopping but walked around. Did buy some salt water taffy to see how it compares with the real "shore" taffy. It doesn't....not nearly as good.

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