(Sunday)We've arrived at the flagship RV park for the ESCAPEES RV Club, in Livingston, Texas. A huge park with many facilities and a full activity calendar each day of the week. We want to take tours of the mail forwarding facility and the "CARE" center. Three days of the week meals are offered, Becky gets a break away from slaving over the hot stove. I'm so demanding of her time in the kitchen.

(Monday)It was a hectic day, but we got through it, barely... We turned in our Nevada drivers licenses and license plates for the vehicles for TEXAS ones. Though we got a late start in the day we had to pack up the RV, hitch it up then go get the unit weighed and safety inspected, then we brought it back to the site and set it back up. After all that was done we set off to the Tax Dept for the paperwork to get the plates and registration. Next was the Texas Public Dept of Safety for the drivers licenses. We had no idea before but the units combined gross vehicle weight had to be proved to determine our category of licensing. We had weighed in 500 lbs less than the 26,001 lbs, though our ACTUAL weight was less than the GVWR, whew! ! ! Had the GVWR been over 26,000 lbs we'd both have to take a written AND a driving test with the whole rig ! ! ! That would've been interesting, as Rebecca has only drivin the rig once for about 75 miles on straight highway (she's still learning).

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