Our setup at the Tucannon River RV Park. A nice place is...

The entry to the park, the Tuncannon River is behind those trees.

A view of the park.It has only 33 spaces but their big...

Another view of the park.

Starbuck is a little town, pop 200, near the Snake River in the state of Washington. You get there by going through Dayton, WA on hwy 12 then turn at hwy 261 fifteen miles out of Dayton and travel 4 miles West to the park. A quiet place with lots of wildlife and the fishing is supposed to be good. The Tucannon River is not accessible from the park, too bad but it's big enough to have a significant salmon run twice ayear. The managers of the park are good aquaintances of ours that we met while at Lake Medina, San Antonio, TX. In conversation with them, that is how we found out about this lovely little park. Since it is on our way to Great Falls we thought we'd stop by and see our new friends. We're glad we did. Harvey and Dave went fishing in the Snake River, got skunked. So on to Orofino, ID next.

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