Entry sign to the TTN Colorado River preserve

The Guard shack at the entry point. Most TTN preserves have these

After we setup look what appeared

A close up of the white tail deer playing in the field

On the morning of Feb 1st, it was Dave's first day of...

Jan 30th (Tue) Time to move. A little trivia for all of you. When Dave had his retirement luncheon he was given a couple of cards that play the tune "On the Road Again". The morning of a moving day, we open one of the cards and let the song play afew times through. It's fun and sets the mood for all of us on moving day.

We've arrived at the Thousand Trails Resort of Colorado River, near Columbus, TX. Was only about a 160 mile trip to get here, but it was raining when we packed up and pulled-in the sides and drove out of Livingston. Columbus is about half way between San Antonio and Houston just off I-10. It seems there are 2 or 3 Colordao Rivers in TX.

Jan 31st (Wed) A Big day of CELEBRATION, today is Dave's last day on duty. All theses last 80 days he's been on terminal leave. Tomorrow, February 1st is his first day of actual retirement. On our first full day here, we've discovered this park of 280 acres with about 118 spaces has nice spacious grounds and at least two tame herds of white-tail deer. The staff have provided a full activity schedule of things for those so inclined. Activities such as morning exercise classes, ice cream socials, potluck dinners, movies w/pop corn and much more to keep one busy. We've heard Columbus has a rich history and an interesting old downtown section. We'll check it out soon enough.

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