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The little white car is on the far right

Five new moms with their babies

Border Crossing in to the Yukon

The 1st sign 1942

Some of the 56,000 signs

Look what we found Judy and Glenn

Look what we found Jerry and Ang

Now we are officially there too

Today was a very strange day. We started out very early this morning. I say very early because the sun was shining in my eyes at 4:45am. I jumped up to see if the bear and her cubs were on the area but couldn't see them. What I did see was a small car parked in one of the campsites. In it was a couple that we saw last night camping in a tent. I guess they started getting pretty nervous when they found all the fresh prints outside the tent and saw new scratches in the trees. I don't know how they could sleep in that little car but it was better than the tent. They had tried to get a room at the Lodge but it was filled up, even at $125.00 per night. In the picture is a little white car on the right that they were in. The red one on the left belongs to a couple from Ontario. We met them yesterday and they have been camping in that for over a month now. They have been all over the US and now heading far north. They have quite a set up. The back is full of their supplies and equipment. The middle has a five inch foam bed with their sleeping bags on top and the front is the drivers seat where the dog sleeps and one of the boxes of supplies gets moved to the passenger side to make room for them to crawl in. They said they have never slept better and are happy as a lark. They are really nice people. It is so nice to see someone happy with whatever it takes to get on the road. We also met a couple from Washington that have the exact Montana we have. They didn't know about the Montana Owners Forum, but they do now. More really nice people.

Our drive to the next camp ground was only a couple of hundred miles. On this trip we saw one bear, several buffalo including a group of five females with their five new babies, and two jack rabbits. Not a whole heck of a lot but it was nice to see the new little ones. Did I say little? NOT.

We stopped for diesel on the way and really got ripped off at that station. They charged $1.33 per liter. Now my calculations are not real accurate but that comes out to be over $5.00 gallon US. Just up the road about 20 miles it was 80cents a gallon less. We just hate it when someone rips us off like that.

The drive was very pretty and again it felt like we were driving through Northern Minnesota. We finally said to Beautiful British Columbia as we drove into the Yukon Territories. The Alaska Highway is now called the Klondike Highway. I will say that British Columbia was magnificent. It really lives up to it's slogan on there license plates. We will be going through there in a couple of months on our way back to Minnesota and am looking forward to seeing more.

We planned our destination with great care today and WIFI was at the top of the list of what we needed. We drove about 20 minutes past Watson Lake to a campground that listed free wifi at each site. We read that in the Mile Post Bible and in several tourist booklets. Well when we got here, it wasn't installed yet. They told us maybe they should have said by July. Thanks a lot.

We both grabbed our computers and drove back to Watson Lake. We first went to the library. Guess what, they used to be able to let people use the wifi but now it is password protected and they can't give it out. They told us about a hotel across the road that you could get on if you ate in their restaurant so we went in and ordered a bowl of soup. Again, they no have wifi that we can use. They advised we drive around the neighborhood to some of the better homes and park in front if we find a signal. Ha Ha. Not funny, but I was desperate so that is what we did. I finally got on just long enough to save my e-mails but not enough strength to upload the pictures for our blog. Oh well, I guess they will just have to wait.

The thing that Watson Lake is so well known for is there famous Signpost Forest. A man by the name of Carl Lindley (1912-2002) who lived in Danville, IL , a U.S. army soldier was working on the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942 and put up a sign. (Can you tell that I am copying this from our tour book?) Since then more than 50,000 have added their signs. Today we added ours We saw several from Minnesota but the most ironic was when out of more than 50,000 signs, I found the one that our friends from the MOC put up last year when they were here. I know you won't believe it Judy and Glenn but I took pictures to prove it. I then found one from Rockford, MN. I had to take that picture for my former boss Jerry and his wife Angie. And if that wasn't enough, when we went to sign the guess book, the signature just ahead of us was from Princeton, MN. About 30 miles from our house in Coon Rapids. It never ceases to amaze us how small this world really is.

Outside of searching for internet service we have been keeping our eyes open to find Sergeant Preston. Does anyone know what part of the Yukon he is in. I know we are dating ourselves but that used to be one of my favorite shows. Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. He was so dashing in his red uniform. Does anyone remember the name of his "faithful dog"? Both Bill and I have been racking our brains and the only thing that sounds right to me is King. Come on. Help us out.

Tomorrow we will head out for Whitehorse. We plan on spending some time there so there had better be WIFI or I will really have withdrawals... More from the Yukon later.

Sunrise 4:36am

Sunset 11:17pm

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