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super show from casino

We go to the Tampa Super Show every time we are in Florida for the winter. In our opinion it is the best RV show in the country. It is a nice mix of interesting new RV's in all styles and sizes and pavilions full of gizmos and gadgets. Over the years we've gotten a number of things installed and repaired. Many folks seem to share our opinion. When we were here last in 2017 we heard about two hour delays getting off the expressway and into the fairground where the show takes place. Therefore, we have come a day early with the travel group from The Great Outdoors. Groups can arrive early and this group gets prime real estate right next to the entrance with electricity for our sites. No shuttle buses or long waits for us. There is also a large group of 200 rigs here manufactured by Newmar who made our coach. They are camped much farther away under the trees (not good for our satellite dish) and on grass which can become a bog if it rains (it's not in the forecast). We feel so lucky to be close.

So we found ourselves setting the alarm again for an early departure, delayed a bit when our jacks would not come up. We cannot drive when they are firmly on the ground. Ken did some maneuvers including banging the solenoid with a hammer and eventually they roused themselves. Whew... He tells me the newly repaired alternator did not function perfectly, cycling off and on rather than staying on. It's always something... We are parked in an area where electricity is supplied and surrounded by fencing. Parking our rigs was quick and efficient. The staff here definitely knows what they are doing.

Our group arranged a typical geezer meal at the nearby Hard Rock casino. After registering with the player's club, we would get a 2-for-1 lunch discounted for the elderly and would arrive shortly before the dinner rates kicked in. Retired people are always looking for a deal and don't mind eating dinner at ungodly early times if the price is right. As luck would have it, the half price deal had expired; we were foiled to some extent, but the food was top notch.

For our evening entertainment, paper lanterns were lit and rose with the heat of the flames and soared over our heads. I was surprised that we were allowed to do this. Surely they were a fire hazard. Perhaps there was no one around to object. They put on a good show and disappeared into the dark skies.

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