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doesn't look bad from this angle

driver side back wheels still in air!

blue "sails" are holes in the sign

I was on the road by 9:15 (had to find a place to hook up the car) and the way was not hard. Things even flattened out for a bit and I saw farms instead of pine and white birch trees. But the black pine came back along with some rolling hills and lots of tractor trailers and RVs today! It rained in the morning, making me realize that my travel days seem to be cloudy or rainy but my visiting days are beautiful! The bugs were cleaned off my windshield, but then the sun came out for the afternoon and so did the bugs!

Things I want to note about the Trans Canada Highway thus far. On the east side, there were signs with a picture of a trash can on them and I soon found out they indicated places people can pull over and rest and big vehicles can fit in them. I found at least one 18-wheeler in many of them. As I went west, there were no signs, so when I did want to pull over, I came upon those roadside pull-outs as I went by them! Big vehicles can go in some of the picnic areas, but there is no indication ahead of time, so I didn’t stop there either. Gas got cheaper as I went west from Thunder Bay, thank goodness! But it’s hard to figure out if I can get out of the stations once I got in!

The highway is called the Lake Superior Circle Route around the lake of course, then it is called Mom’s Highway for some strange reason, and later it is called the Great River Road and there were lots of rivers and lakes all along the route. In Manitoba, the highway number changed from 17 to 1. It was Route 1 in the Maritimes, if I remember correctly.

In Ontario, I began to notice that it was dusk at 10:30 PM! I was in the Eastern time zone even in Thunder bay which is north of Minnesota! I thought all of Ontario elected to be in the same time zone but I was wrong. In the boondocks, the time zone changed to Central time. (I am writing this at 9:30 PM and it is still light outside!)

When I checked in to the campground in West Hawk Lake, which is in Whiteshell Provincial Park, the time was just 4 PM according to my body, but it was 3 PM. Check-out time here is 3 PM and check-in time is 4 PM! I had to wait at the entrance because the previous campers weren’t off the site yet. At least I could go in before an hour’s time! The site is in the open but it slopes down and I had a heck of a time getting it level! Back wheels are in the air after many attempts to get enough blocks under them. I will have to raise the RV even more to retrieve the blocks before raising the jacks because the tires cannot go down from 4 blocks high directly to the ground! What fun! Because it took almost an hour to get set up, it was too breezy to start the charcoal grill, and I hadn’t had a decent lunch, I treated myself to dinner out at the Night Hawk Café. It was busy with everyone eating out before going back to the city (Winnipeg), but the food and the service was very good!

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