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The demolition continues.

The demolition continues.

Melrose and I had decided that if I did not go to Scott's class today, she would come over and we could do some more cooking. But he said that the students really appreciated having me there, so of course I went to the college.

After class, I went up to his place to grab some more pyjamas, so I can wash the ones I brought with me. And then I got a bus into town.

I had decided to go and get a salad from Starbuck's again. The salads are really nice, and I have tried two of them. The smoked chicken and salad is delicious, and so is the bacon and penne salad which I had again tonight.

I'd messaged Melrose to see what she was up to. She was eating at home, but said that she would come into town after eating, so I decided that I would eat at Starbuck's and wait for her there. I needed to go into RT Mart to get some yoghurt.

We sat outside for a while, and then hit the shopping centre.

Of course, I did not just stick with the yoghurt. I found black pepper, which we needed, so grabbed that. And then we were near the bakery section when I remembered some little biscuits that I used to buy years ago. Sure enough they still have them, and then we found doughnuts that were being reduced as time was getting nearer to closing time! Yummy snacks!

It was not late when I got a bus home, to a well deserved rest. My feet and legs were still complaining yet, after yesterday's effort

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