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Two nice girls traveling on the same bus to central Chiang Mai

The three lamps are: Left & right turn signal and in the...

See, no door no nothing - just road :-)

I just saw this temple from the street and went to investigate

The bluish paint is almot like gold seen in real life. Very...


See - it's quite a place

Must be a brand new building

Another temple I passed while strolling around

And look inside! Wow!! The camera is at max zoom, hence the...


Live reggae near my guesthouse.. Very loud..

Wat Dokeung Temple

Wall paintings inside the temple

The main altar

Wall paintings inside the temple

Wall paintings inside the temple

Watdokkham Temple

Buddha statue

A piece of the old wall surrounding the old part of Chiang...

Local policemen having fun with their whistles

Hilltribe selling homemade stuff

Chinese musician

Two monks

Local goodies

Foodstalls abund

Another local foodstall

Making some sort of cookie / dessert by steaming some dow and...

Some sunshine on a temple. Nice after rain most of the day

Tourist looking at the goods

As I said, it's been raining. Why stop reading just because of...

This guy is selling super fast "snurretoppe"? What's the english name for...

No comments

Still no comments

Long road, imagine four of these together. Lots of shops!

Hawker selling drinks, always a good ting

Getting comercial now, plastic wrapping...

Cool local art

Even better ones. Like the one to the far right side

Just came by yet another altar

You do NOT wanna know what this woman is selling. If you...


Another two monks. These are new monks because of the colour of...

Wat Pra Singh Voramahavihara temple

Huge Buddha

Smaller statues in front. The more the better

Architechture. Notice the half elephant coming out of the wall in the...

Inside the Phrasings Voramahavihara Temple

Beautiful Buddha

Magnificent wallpaintings, restoration in progress

Outside Phrasings Voramahavihara Temple

The back of the Wat Pra Singh Vor.... etc.

Dragon thing guarding the entrance to the Wat Pra Singh temple

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Taxi ride from ariport to town

(MP4 - 1.45 MB)

Chiang Mai Temple

Hi again :-)

I just arrived in Chiang Mai after a very pleasant, cheap, flight with Air Asia from Bangkok. Chiang Mai is far away, and flying is very comparable to riding 10-20 hours in a bus or small van. Trust me, if you get here, consider flying once in a while it's so worth it.

Since I just arrived this morning (and it's afternoon now), I don't have a lot of cool photos (yet) but I promise to put up some awesome temple-shots soon. Chiang Mai has around 300 temples, around the same number as Bangkok which is a much larger city.

So far I already like Chiang Mai much better than hot and sticky Phuket. Partly because the city is higher in altitude (310 meters above sea level) and partly because I have not been harassed all day!! Yeah :-)

That's it for now, but check back in a few days.

See ya soon!


Hey I'm back for a quickie :D

Today on the 21'St of May I have explored some of Chiang Mai and discovered lots of new temples, and found out that the city is a lot bigger than it first appeared to be. And then the weather. Gosh, it must have been raining one million liters a second - at least! No, of course not, but it's been a really wet day with only a few hours of sunshine. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Would it interest you to know I had my laundry done yesterday and picked it up this morning? Probably not, but now you know.

What else.. Ummm....

Nothing. Okay. Done then?

Bye for now, and see you soon!


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