Here and There With Daisy 2015 travel blog

This morning I took my car to ATI Automotive in far south Austin. Then we drove to Surgicare of South Austin (across the street the street from St. David’s Hospital); he took my car back to his shop to repair the air conditioner.

My surgery was scheduled for 10:45 and I was discharged at 12:45. Val White, my longsuffering friend, picked me up around 12:30 and took me to her house to let the anesthesia wear off. Before taking me back home, she fed me some soup and angel food cake. She is an angel herself. Since I’m not allowed to drive while taking the Tramadol HCL pain drug over the next week, it doesn’t matter how long Estaban keeps the car. I had to reschedule my post-op visit with my ophthalmologist, though.

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