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original curtain over picture window

original curtains over living area windows

front curtain with a screen attached to front window with suction cups

new shade over picture window

new shades over living area windows

new shades in cockpit area - left has both up, front has...

The string shade over my picture window across from the bathroom had broken twice since I owned it, so it was time to figure out something else as a cover over that window. I was also getting very tired of reaching over the dining table and over the sofa to properly raise and lower the shades over those windows. But I had given up climbing over the driver and passenger seats, watching out for the computer cords in order to open and close the cockpit curtain that didn't fit properly. I found a business in Lakeland that renovates RVs and one of the things they do is replace curtains with shades, so I contacted them, went up and got the windows measured, then went back up Monday to have them installed.

The shades over the front windows work by pressing a switch on the dashboard, while the others work manually, but bery easily - thumb and finger do the trick! The cockpit area has 3 shades; all of them are day/night shades meaning there is a dark screen like shade for the daytime and a heavier shade for night. The screens on the sides can be lowered halfway while driving to keep out the sun's glare! Beautiful!

The other shades are just the night shades that work manually and I am very happy with them all. I made a very good investment if they last at least the two years they are warranteed for!

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