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Carpe at Duck Creek RV

A beautiful sunrise started our day at Burro Creek

Sunrise at Burro Creek

We picked up a "hitchiker"
It was clinging to a front wheelwell. It...

US 93 exits I 40 west of Kingman

This is one of our "favorite" off ramps
The right turn lanes are...

US 93 in west Kingman

US 93 north of Kingman

A rare scene: Clouds in the Colorado River Valley

Entering Lake Mead Recreation Area

Welcome to Nevada as we cross the Colorado near Boulder Dam

This is the view from the dozer cab

Bob bulldozing a trench

Bob gets an "E" ticket ride in his dozer

We next tried out an excavator

Bob and his Cat 315

Sandi climbs into her excavator

Sandi gets checked out on excavator operation

Sandi gets checked out on excavator operation

Sandi ready to dig it

A somewhat unique view of the Las Vegas strip

The "business end" of an excavator

Digging a hole, a big hole

Bob's hole

Sandi operating her excavator

Bob picks up a one ton tire

Sandi approaches her tire pile

Sandi attempts to pick up basketball...

... and succeeds!

Bob slam dunks his basketball in tire basket

Sat, 18 Oct: From wilderness to the Big City...

Living our RV dream is often a study in contrasts. We awoke at Burro Creek campground, where we'd spent the nite boondocking in this scenic and remote area along US 93. This morning our greatest concern was watching out for rattlesnakes that tend to congregate near campsites as they attempt to warm up. We didn't see any (if we had, you'd have hears Sandi's scream!) We ended the day in Las Vegas, a really big city by our standards. They also have plenty of snakes here—but mostly of the two legged persuasion...

We didn't particularly rush things as we had all day to cover a comparatively short distance. Once we'd had our breakfast, cleaned up, and got Carpe ready for the road, it was a few minutes after nine. We carefully maneuvered Carpe along the narrow and rutted campground road and back up the hill to US 93.

Once on US 93 we continued north thru Wikiup to I 40 where the two are combined for the thirty miles or so to Kingman. Once west of Kingman 93 parts way with the Interstate and continues north toward Las Vegas.

We switched drivers north of Kingman and Bob got the unenviable task of crossing into Nevada at Boulder Dam and then "playing" in the Las Vegas traffic. We exited I 515 at Sunset and headed east a few miles to Duck Creek RV on Boulder Highway in Henderson.

Today's run was 165 miles almost exclusively on US 93. The weather was overcast with a few sprinkles east of the Nevada line. Fuel economy was just over 7½ mpg.

We'll stay here till Thursday morning. Our sister, Nancy, will be in town mid week so we're looking forward to visiting with her. The rest of the time we'll keep ourselves occupied—but not necessarily out of trouble. We have some exciting plans for the next few days, so please check back...

Mon, 20 Oct: Another Thousand Trails membership! This time we think it'll work...

We were disappointed at our Thousand Trails membership purchase falling thru (see entry for "Tolleson"). On Saturday Sandi logged into the Escapees on line forum and discovered a listing offering a Thousand Trails Elite Alliant membership for sale. It had been posted just minutes before she saw it so she immediately sent an e-mail to the seller.

The seller called about forty minutes later and we chatted for a bit. He agreed to hold it for us until we could confirm the membership with Thousand Trails Monday morning and furnished us with his membership number.

Bob called Thousand Trails when they opened this morning and everything checked out. We then called the seller and told him we'll take the membership. He got our info and said he'd start the ball rolling. We agreed that he'd call us when he had the necessary transfer paperwork from Thousand Trails. This seems too good to be true as his asking price was considerably less than the previous aborted deal and for a higher level of membership.

Stay tumed...

Tue, 21 Oct: Today we really "dug it!"

First of all, we've had a very enjoyable few days here in Las Vegas. We've taken things a bit easy, as you may know Vegas can be a bit overwhelming. We've met some really nice folks at the RV park, including Ed and Rae Milinsky whom we last saw in Sturgis last summer.

Today, however, was anything but an ordinary day. It was a "bucket list" day, which means we checked something off the ole bucket list. Today it was operating heavy earth moving equipment.

We signed up for two back-to-back sessions at Dig This Las Vegas, an outfit that allows anyone with sufficient gelt to run a bulldozer or excavator. It was a blast!

We first operated the Caterpillar D5 bulldozers. After running a slalom course of cones (neither of us hit any) we dug a very deep trench with a huge pile at the end. Once the pile was high enough we got to drive our dozers over the top. A real thrill ride. Then we got to fill (or attempt to fill) in our hole. It isn't as easy as the pros make it look.

After a break we moved on to the Cat 315 excavators. These are far more fun (and challenging) to operate. Joy sticks in both hands that move forward, backward, left, right, twist, and also have buttons on the top. Getting everything coordinated was a trick, but we both managed to complete all our "tasks": Dig a big hole, move huge earth mover tires from one end of the lot to the other, and finally, pick up basketballs from a pylon and dump them in a "basket".

And to think we wasted years at college when we could have gotten paid for doing this...

Dinner was with Ed and Rae at Arizona Charlie's casino a few miles north of Duck Creek. It was great to get to know them better. Turns out we lived within a few miles of one another in Santa Ana California in the mid eighties.

Tomorrow we'll meet up with sis Nancy who'll fly in for a cameo. She'll arrive at 0900 and be in meetings till mid afternoon. At that time she'll be "ours" till we drop her off at the airport to fly out on a red eye. Who goes to Vegas for thirteen hours???

We're outta heah Thursday morning and plan to stop in Laughlin for a quick visit (lunch?) with Ray & Cathie Bailey. We're really looking forward to visiting with them.

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