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dashboard gods

It started with a bike tour we took in Thailand. Our van driver had a Buddha on the dashboard, watching over our trip and making sure we would be safe. We admired it so much, our guide brought us to a temple where we could buy our own. It was dashboard god #1. In Istanbul the Blue Eye of Allah was everywhere - small versions on key chains and eyes as large as dinner plates to mount over the front door. A small Blue Eye now hangs from the rear view mirror, which is a vestigial device since the mirror can only display the motor home directly behind it. Allah is on guard.

Our recent trip to India provided us with lots of opportunities for blessings. We bought a new rear view mirror dangle at the facility where our tour bus was taken to be blessed. Ganesh, the god that looks like a multi-armed elephant now sits next to Buddha. Our final Indian tour bus driver had a Shiva in a plastic housing that lit up with multi colored lights. Ken just had to have one. It's still waiting to be wired into the coach's electrical system so it can blink as well.

Now if we could only find a statue of St. Christopher and whatever a Jewish equivalent would be, we could have all our bases covered. Suggestions welcome...

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