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The new shower - sorry about the reflections - can't get around...

The vanity

Medicine cabinet with mirror on other wall.

New sink and vaity top.

Desing on the shower wall

Shower bench and niche for shampoo, etc. above it.

Spray head and grab bars.

The new bathroom. What can I say? I love it. It isn't quite like I thought it would look but it has been growing on me. Couple little glitches but Rich (contractor) is fixing them as I find them.

The bathroom is tiled with Travertine marble. The color is called Karina Wavy. The walls of the shower are tiled in 11 x 11 tiles and floor of the shower is done in 2 x 2 tiles. The design on the shower wall is with 4 x 4 tiles. The vanity area is done in 4 x 4 with designs done in 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 tiles.

We bought the sink in Mexico last year. I think it looks great with all the bronze inset tiles and the bronze fixtures.

I wanted a lot of storage in place of the two dinky little medicine cabinets that were there before. Boy! Have I every got storage now! I'm thinking about refinishing the base vanity cabinet at some point or painting it. Right now the medicine cabinet and the base cabinet don't play nice together. I need to get some new hardware on the base cabinet, too. But I'll get to that when I get some more towel racks.

On the shot of the medicine cabinet, you can see the reflection of the mirror I picked up at the Pink store this year. When I open the cabinet door, I can see the back of my head in the mirror on the other wall. Makes sure I don't have a rooster tail sticking up. :D

We also put in a new toilet. It is higher so I don't have my knees around my ears, more water efficient, and no un-scrubble hard water stains. It really looks nice - and you can't slam the lid - it has a special spring in it that puts it down slowly.

One of the little glitches is that some of that awful, purple PVC glue was spilled on the floor of the bathroom, hallway and at the kitchen door. So I will be getting a new floor. We are working out the details – but I think it will go that I will pay for materials and he (contractor) will pay for the labor. We will be replacing not only the bath, hall and kitchen but also the carpet in the living room. Then it will be to the rug store for a pretty area rug. Replacing the floors was in the plans but not quite so soon.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

Look for the new journal to start our winter stay at North Ranch at this URL:

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