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Old Bess

Sunset at Exmouth


We didn't really spend a lot of time checking Exmouth out. For us, as I'm guessing for a lot of people, it's function is more as the gateway to Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef.

We booked one night in a caravan park so that we could restock the food and water supplies and, as the Parkyns also arrived in town on the same day, the kids all had the requisite swim in the caravan park pool. We also booked a glass bottom boat tour for early next week, when we'll be in the national park.

The food prices in the supermarket here are some of the highest we've encountered yet, which makes it even harder to try and be prepared for what feels like the almost constant requests for food from the kids in the car. We understand that it can be as much an activity for them (to fight boredom) as it is a real need for food, but we still haven't found a particularly effective way of finding the balance and all staying sane!

I didn't think we had any photos from Exmouth but found a couple which the kids must have taken on the iPad, so have included the visual evidence.

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