Winter in the Desert - 2013 travel blog


Superstition Mountains

close up thorns



the last few rays

Superstition panorama



pink glow



We spent the morning looking at photographic submissions from fellow Road Scholars that had been taken the last two days. It's great fun to see different people's takes on a scene you just photographed yourself. Most of the folks in the group are decent photographers already, so the instructor offered subtle tips on how to make our photos even better.

Then we headed to nearby Lost Dutchman State Park to document the effect the setting sun had on the rock formations and cactus growing nearby. The sun was bright, the sky was blue and we clicked and clicked and clicked. It was amazing to see how the strong rays of sunshine changed the color of the rocks and even turned the cactus red by the end of the evening. As we wandered around we disturbed the tranquility of some campers who had packed their tent in and did not expect old people wearing name tags to share their space.

As I wandered through the underbrush looking for photo ops, a covey of birds burst out and flew up into the air. At first i thought I had scared them, but then I heard feet galloping nearby. I twirled around to see a coyote, thwarted on this particular hunting foray. Did I have my camera in my hand? Yes. Did I get a picture? No. I was so surprised I didn't even get it turned on in time.

We are moving our motor home to Dutchman to camp there for a few days and this was a nice preview to our next home base.

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