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Holt, FL - Blackwater River State Park - Site 26

Holt, FL - Blackwater River State Park - Site 26. another view

Tallahassee - Holt, FL - our route - 170 miles

Our trip from the Tallahassee area to Blackwater River State Park was a 170 mile, fairly easy drive on I-10 in a steady rain, heavier at some times than others. This state park is one of our favorite places to visit. All of the sites are 50 amp full hookups with very nicely groomed sites sporting large picnic tables, a grill, and fire ring. We were able to get the satellite from our roof antenna though there are many, many very tall pines. All of the vegetation is at the crown of the tree so you can sneak between the trunks if you are lucky. The Verizon coverage was weak but passable though you could drop out occasionally on the cell phone. The Home Phone connect with its antenna picked up very well as did the MiFi.

The Blackwater River is a slow, shallow, meandering waterway that is made for just taking a leisurely canoe or tube ride down it. There is an outfitter close by that will take you upstream for departure and pick you up again down river for a reasonable fee. Two years ago we were here and had planned on taking that trip but a few weeks before the trip, I fell and messed up my shoulder and ribs to the point there was no way we could do it. This year we were unable to do it since Doris, while doing great, wouldn't be able to handle the length of time sitting in a very low canoe seat without a back rest. Maybe next time???

We didn't do much here but decompress from getting everything ready for this trip. We tried to hike one short trail down to the river and a small lake but it was flooded and we were unable to get far. We could have waded the shallow water I guess but we were not dressed to get wet and there was a nice friendly water moccasin guarding the way as well!!

Tomorrow we head for a two-night stay in Baton Rouge. We plan on staying at the Farr Equestrian Park. We don't have reservations but we don't believe it will be a problem since LSU isn't playing football this weekend.

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