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The Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space

The rotunda at the National Gallery of Art

Napoleon Bonaparte Posing at 4:00am in the morning.

Dinner was Delicious

At the Vietnam Monument

How many more monuments do we have to go to?

FDR and Cole in a happier moment

Today we did a lot of things. The first Smithsonian we went to was the National Air and Space Museum. It was totally awesome, and had a lot of cool information and exhibits. For example, let's go to the topic of the Space Race. At one point, when Neil Armstrong and his crew took off for the moon, the Soviet Union tried to beat us to the punch with one final gamble: they sent a robot to gather lunar soil (which would have beat us to the moon). However, it crashed a little bit after Apollo 11 landed. If it hadn't crashed, it would have came back to Earth with moon dust just hours before Apollo 11 re-entered. Cool, huh? Another thing (although this wasn't a "fact") was in this new exhibit called "Going Beyond Earth." There was a 6-minute clip about the final Discovery launch; a quiz game with a cool interface, that supported up to 15 people; and a giant Google Earth that was on 7 tv screens, so it looked maximized! I even managed to find the Golden Gate Bridge! (Sadly, I couldn't find the school. I was taking to long, so I relinquished my control to the next person in line.

From there, we went to the National Art Gallery. Where there was art, there definitely was art! This is a giant building, filled with art! (And a few lobbies, gift shops, and caf├ęs, too.) There were 3 floors! I separated from the main group, and just wandered around, looking for funny pictures and gallery names. I moved from gallery to gallery, glancing aimlessly, when I found an elevator, with a sign saying what was on each floor. I went to the gift shop, then to the one on the next floor. After a little bit, my dad called me, reminding me that I had to pick up the bags from the bag check by 5:00pm (in 10 minutes). I walked as fast as I could without drawing too much attention to myself, but I was lost! I didn't know my way back! Eventually, by wandering again, I found the main rotunda, I knew my way from there. With 3 minutes to spare, I rushed to the bag room, but, to my surprise, the bag had been taken! About to call my dad, to ask if he had the bags, I moved into the ante room, only to see my dad and my brother, resting, with the bags. Really? Come on!

After that, we went home, and got to chillax for a little bit. But only until after dinner, then we left again. This time we went to the National Mall to cruise the monuments. I was startled to discover that It's not a legit mall! No outlets, or department stores. If that seems silly, so be it. If it were legit it would have been the biggest one in the world. Anyway, We went to the Vietnam Memorial (It was startling to see how many Americans died in that war). We went to the Roosevelt Memorial. Lastly, we went to the Jefferson memorial. It looked like Monteciello, but it had a lot more steps! Afterwards, we went back home, I Skyped Kennis, and we had a short chat before I had to go to bed (It was half past 11, Eastern Time). Cole out.

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