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How to dry out a camera



car wash and keeping cool on the side of the road

5am back locker


San Bernado

San Bernado resort




He was alive but wasn´t too sure at first




Let me out!!!

I want your camera

OK I´ll have a scratch instead


The most inhabited island in the world

Carribean heaven


tough times





across the road from the hostel to the beach

the Hostel from hell yet it looks OK in the photos

Drinks over the water


Main street in front of the hostel


goodbye bag the hole is just too big now

Our next stop the beach at Covenas! Beach finally!

So we arrived at an OK looking hostel on the beach - most of us had asked for an upgrade from tents to rooms and our rooms were enormous Jo and I shared a room with 3 double beds and a bunk - so no complaints about space...but the sheets looked dirty the two campers had to ask for toilet paper which was not supplied I their outside loo and their shower was literally a beach shower I the grounds food service was non existent 5 meals ordered 3 supplied and they couldn't even cook a plate of hips! Dragoman will mot be returning - the sad thing was that with very little expense or effort it could have been really good.

Did a day trip from here to the San Beranado Islands Anki wasn't well so didn't,t come and Ross elected to stay with her - Orleith (Orla) hyperventilated at the thought of being on a boat so she also didn't come. So.. good boat trip visited an island with the most people per hectare of anywhere in the world if Jakarta had the same number of people per hectare it would have three times the worlds population!

Then stopped at an island with an ,ecological park...very surreal...random...first stop to see a giant tortoise in a PO d ...OK... then a fresh water crock living in salt water?. The female had died and the male wasn't very well - I wonder why? Pink flamingos which were losing their colour because the diet they were eating was wrong...and their wings were clipped so they couldn't fly away...a couple of water Buffalo, a quite large underground aquarium which could have been good if the glass had been cleaned and the fish visible - but along the way some displays of pirate scenes ...toucans ... monkeys... one tried to snatch my camera while I was photopraphing it the most random place I have visited and our guide - the were about 40 people in the group only spoke Spanish but expected us to stand and listen to him needless to say no tip was forthcoming.

Next island was what the trip was all about a Caribbean white sand clean water beach and very very hot. We lazed in the sun for the afternoon and had a good meal - I paid a bit extra and had lobster three small halves with salad for about $12.00

Headed up the road for dinner to a posh hotel and sat out over the water drinking cocktails - made up a little for our crappy beds.

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