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Stone Forest from pavillion

Good place for a rest

After the previous night's drinking we both got up relatively early in preparation for our trip to the Stone Forest. This was where the luck ended. Somehow we ended up on a Chinese tour bus even though we were told this was a public bus. Only when the guide started on the microphone did we realise our mistake. Then we realised that we probably wouldn't get as long at the forest as intended because as we know by now tours involve several stops. This unfortunatlely happened to be the case. Stop one, a crappy marble factory, stop two a good temple but too overrun with Chinese people to enjoy it and stop three after three hours the Stone Forest itself.

By this point it was one in the afternoon and we only had a few hours to explore the Stone Forest. Had we got a proper public bus we would have had longer but that's the way things go sometimes. Luckily we were both a bit hungover to get annoyed so it turned out to be quite fun being the only white people on a bus full of Chinese.

The Stone Forest was a strange one. At first it appeared like a theme park as there were clearly laid out paths, mown lawns between the first rock formations and it seemed too well maintained to be a natural sight. However after a short walk things got a little more rugged and we hit the Stone Forest proper. Weird rock formations literally stuck out the ground and created shapes which the Chinese have named. We didn't really see the resemblance but all the same it was fun to try and find them. The best part of the forest though was climbing through holes made in the rocks where difficult paths now exist and finding our way around, getting away from the hoardes of Chinese tourists. Unfortunately our time here ended too quickly and we only got to see a part of the forest but after a few hours the stones started to look similar and we realised we had probably seen enough anyway.

After the return bus trip I got myself a peanut, but for the cost of 15RMB, (about a pound) I also got a full upper body and facial massage. Top bombing.

Day 54 complete

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