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We couldn't believe all the rivers in Georgia - headed for the...

South Brunswick River

More car haulers - port on the river

Turtle River - looks like ships can come into this river, too


Recently harvested tree plantation

And there go some harvested trees

Water, water everywhere

Still impressed with the green & the huge trees

Growing new trees

Home for the next week here in Savannah

Nice site backed up to forest

Headed into downtown Savannah

Mural in the Visitor's Center building

We got hungry & the man in the Visitor's Center recommended it

Historic (looking ?) home in downtown Savannah

Another relaxed morning - we only had a couple of hours to go to Savannah. We had nice roads & good weather - a great drive. We crossed lots of rivers & saw lots of water & trees.

We were settled into our spot in Sunshine RV Park in Savannah early this afternoon so we decided to go to the Visitor's Center to get info on things to do & see in the area. Savannah is definitely a walking city & the gentleman at the Visitor's Center marked up a map of downtown with everything we should see. Looks like we'll be getting some exercise! We walked around a little this afternoon because we got hungry & walked from the Visitor's Center to the restaurant & then back to get the truck that we left parked there. Now we've got to decide what to do when. Judi's birthday is Thursday & she wants to celebrate with an early dinner at The Lady & Sons (Paula Dean). And we want to see Tybee Island. And it's going to be Memorial Day Weekend.

More later...

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