2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

Overflow Campground near Otis

rural Massachusetts

lots of trees, lots of hills and lots of curves

dates on some of these tombstones go pretty far back

a little more country . .

a town or two . .

and before you know it we're into Connecticut

not much different than Massachusetts

some places will do anything to attract attention

this town has pretty wide streets for New England

driving in Connecticut wasn't all that hard but it was slow






well - we survived Connecticut - so we're ready to take on...

we like Rhode Island - here we are nearing Providence

Providence is a nice open city

clean and beautiful - with more than a few bridges

it's so good to smell the ocean again!!!!

back in Massachusetts and we're on the home stretch now

passing a 'nuke'

our destination is Eastham on Cape Cod

if we can get through Fall River - it's the Friday night...

something about this bridge makes you think of the one over the...

our route takes us through the old whaling village of New Bedford

our friends Rand and Marcia Herron brought us here two years ago

and seeing New Bedford again is like seeing an old friend


approaching the Bourne Bridge

a very narrow bridge

but she's a beauty

we detoured through Falmouth just to see it

then headed north on the cape to Eastham

A big map on a small scale


If you’re used to looking at maps of Texas, California, or even New York, looking at a map of the New England states can be a bit misleading. Inches on a map that would take hours to cover in a big state, can be driven surprisingly quickly in ‘the colonies’.

And so it was today as we left Massachusetts for Connecticut, left Connecticut for Rhode Island, then left Rhode Island to end the day back in Massachusetts again. This was the most direct route from Overflow Campground in Otis, to Atlantic Oaks Campground in Eastham. One is in southwestern Massachusetts and the other is on Cape Cod.

The distance covered was only 225 miles, but the time it took to cover it was considerable. Rural driving was hilly and winding, while going through towns was slow and sometimes stressful. Providence, Rhode Island at Friday night rush hour was easier driving than any town in Connecticut. Founded as far back as the 1600s, many of these towns have narrow streets to this day, and if you’re driving anything larger than a standard passenger car squeezing through some of the tight places can be tricky.

As we neared Cape Cod traffic got heavier and heavier. A detour down to Falmouth did nothing to lighten it. We arrived at Atlantic Oaks Campground in Eastham a little after 7:00 - happy to see it and glad to get off the road!

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