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The Masai warriors do their jump dance

Hang time

Young warrior

On the way out of the Crater, we passed by a number of Masai bomers or villages. The moran (warriors) performed their traditional jump dance (some got a lot of air), and the ladies sang and danced as well. The ladies mostly wore blue and had shaved heads, while the men wore red and many morans had braided hair. Women who wore headresses that were more ornately decorated are married women.

It is perfectly acceptable for a man to have many wives in African culture. When Lammie got asked if she was married, she said yes and pointed out Nigel as her hubby. A couple of the moran quickly went over to Nigel to ask how many wives he had!! Too funny!

Apparently, for the Masai, you can have as many wives as you want, provided you have enough cattle or livestock to pay her dowry.


We entered the Serengeti and for as far as the eye could see, there was grassland. Not too far along, we started to see wildebeests everywhere for miles in every direction. The herds have started to gather for the migration. They had just finished the calving season. For 3 weeks, more than 8000 calves are born each day!! Plenty of baby gnus out and about (they are just as ugly as their folks).

On our way to the campsite, we saw 2 male lions (one just sleeping on the side of the road). Our campsite was extremely primitive with only a cook shack and a toilet block (long drops). There was no water, as elephants had come through the camp and demolished the water tank. It lay smashed and crumpled on the ground outside the toilet block.

So... elephants come through here, eh? Anything else?? Yep.... our crew had seen lions in the camp once, hyena often, and elephants. There weren't any fences or enclosures around our site. Though the showers are only 30m from the campsite, we would have to get driven there in case a lion or any other predator was hiding in the tall grass. Exciting.

In the middle of the night, a hyena walked between our tent and the one next to us. It let out an awful cry very soon afterwards. Unfortunately, none of us got a good look ((except Misheck, who got out of his tent to chase it away). In the morning, we heard leopards off in the distance.

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