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Our Group Wht Cap Fellow Polish, Bon on Rt

The Trail Up...Notice the Walking Stick

No Hip Probems For Bon Now!

View of Nearby Energy Station Taking Heat From Underground

Walking Stick Vendor

Horse Vultures

Countryside and Mtn Lake

Our First View of Volcano

Warning Sign...3 Months Later We Heard a Guide & Tourist Died From...

More Warnings

Path is Clear...See Line of Tourists?!

Closer Up View

Okay, Now We're Getting Serious!

Path Is Not Exactly Smooth

Ya, Get Those Marshmellows Out

This Guy's Got a Live One!

I'd Be Concerned About Lava Burn

Okay, Whose the Oink, Oink

Get That Picture

Our Guide Does Us a Favor

Looking Back Towards Where We Came

Beautiful Scenery...Just Not the Camera to Capture It

Great Sunset

Great Sunset

More Groups Heading Up For the Nighttime Show

Great Sunset


This Dog Followed Us, Too Bad We Had No Food

Great Sunset

Gotcha! I Waited 15 Minutes to Get It Tho

One More!

Left in van w/ 13 others-US(NC&TX), Spain, Poland, & Germany-at 2pm...1 1/2 hour drive ea way. Climb is steep to begin, lots of kids hawking walking sticks("es necessrio") which they then collect when you come down, ha! Great business...software companies have nothing on them! Also, bags of marshmellows in case you want to scorch your front side, and of course, the same deal needs sticks for roasting the little puppies! Since you begin steep and the guide (obligatory) tells you to stay together, the horse "taxi" guys are right there like vultures riding in amongst the long line of hikers. Dust is what you breath until we get high enuf to take a trail away from horses. It's an 800 meter(2400') gain in elevation taking 1 1/2 hours, the final half over hardened lava. Truely a magnificent view and my first look at molten lava up close. See pics.

Pacaya Volcano Info

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