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Arc de Triomphe

Avenue de Champs Elysees

in the park

Paris is a beautiful city with lots of green

lexi fighting for mona lisa

around mona lisa

venus de Milo

Notre Dame

best stained glasses I have ever seen

Seine river

great decoration of french food, at the department store

dinner under eiffel tower

sunset at eiffel tower

climbing up eiffel tower, legs were sore for 2days at least

great lunch at cafe!

Heading to the romantic capital city of France, Paris, we got on a crowded night train again, this time for 11hrs. It is prime summer holiday season in Europe and the train was packed full. It wasn’t a comfortable ride but for budget travellers like us taking a night train is a big money saver because it is cheaper, and more importantly you save one night accommodation cost.

Anyway we stayed at a hotel near the famous Arc de Triomphe. Paris is a sophisticated and artistic city that has great cultural influence all over the world. Walking around the Avenue de Champs Elysees area we saw pretty much all the fashion brand names you can think of. Paris is a shopper’s heaven and naturally Lexi loved it and spent hours and hours looking at shops.

We didn’t spend all day just looking at shops though. We also visited some historical sites and museums. One of the oldest and greatest museums in the world, the Louvre Museum was massive and very busy. This museum contains more than 35,000 exhibits on display and collection is diverse ranging from Islamic, Egyptian to Greek and Roman artworks. Mona Lisa was bit disappointing though, as you can only see it from distance, probably 5m away, and there were massive crowds around it with their camera’s and mobiles all trying to get a shot of this famous painting. It was certainly not a place to enjoy the masterpiece, just too many people, too loud and too far. I mean no one would even know if it was a fake. However Venus de Milo statue was actually amazing. Unlike Mona Lisa you can get very close as you can almost touch it. It was very feminine and elegant.

We also climbed up the Eiffel tower at night; it was such a great experience. You can go up either by lift or stairs. We chose painful stairs as it’s cheaper but we felt good once we got to the top. The view of Paris at night made the climb worthwhile.

One little story about Lexi’s photographic memory. While taking a photo of Eiffel tower with thousands of other people Lexi noticed a Japanese couple who she believed she saw in Rome2 weeks ago. Hiro thought “as if” because we see hundreds of other Japanese tourists everyday. But she was right, I asked them if they were in Rome 2 weeks ago they said yes. Hiro doesn’t know how she does this but it is an amazing skill.

French food was one thing Hiro was really looking forward for, but we just couldn’t afford a proper French restaurant. Not just food, but everything is quite expensive in Paris. Paris would be a great holiday destination if you are rich, but for backpackers it is a tough place to survive. But don’t get me wrong we enjoyed Paris very much in our way. We bought French bagette, ham, salad, olives and a bottle of wine from supermarket and enjoyed a picnic dinner at the park just underneath the Eiffel tower. It was great and romantic dinner overlooking the tower at sunset. We had great Quiche from local bakery and had it at Arc de Triomphe. We went to the antique flea market and lexi bought a very nice antique necklace really cheap. We went to the food section of famous department store to have a look at beautifully-displayed French food. You don’t have to spend fortune to have a great time. You just need to be a bit creative.

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