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An interesting evening sky

In the rotunda of the visitor center

Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta skyline

More of my city

"V" for the Varsity- a Ga Tech memory

First day back on the road was fun but stressful! Mama hosted Julia(sister), Amy(daughter), and us for lunch in the Country Kitchen at Woodland Terrace. Did I carry the camera in...duh, no. WT is the assisted living facility; the country kitchen is just what it sounds like-a multi-purpose gathering area with kitchen tables for game playing, arts & crafts, a bar area loaded with healthy snacks, and a brand new coffee machine(like the cruise ships), TV, etc. It is open and spacious where you frequently find small family gatherings like us. All agreed the cold plate was just right-chicken salad on lettuce, sweet cantalope, multigrain roll, and pumpkin chiffon pie with tea. What more could anyone ask for? The greatest pleasure for all of us was seeing the joy in Mama's eyes!! The side benefit was a delightful send off for us.

We broke ALL the rules of the road; AND suffered the consequence-STRESS! Saturday is not a traditional travel day for fulltimers; Interstate travel is generally too intense driving; multiply the customary "earthquake factor in the rear by 10 after bouncing over the concrete sectioned interstate!; stopping by 3:00PM or limiting miles to 250/day another smart guideline.

The details will be spared:) Just imagine - after showers and a good night's sleep, this day was begun on the proper foot, so to speak.

Cracker Barrel consistently serves up a delicious breakfast. I enjoyed a new menu item, yogurt, granola with almonds, grapes, a whole gala apple, muffin. Yummy, yummy! At least, my mind thinks I ate healthy. Then, after crossing the Georgia(my birth state) line, we stopped at the Georgia Visitor's Center, a big Southern style building with large columns, a rotunda interior. Sure enough, with a little help from pleasant Southern ladies, scenic by-ways were located. I was reminded of Georgia's varied landscapes. Can you believe, I remember a family trip to the top of Stone Mountain prior to any thought of it becoming a commercialized entity! As I recall, the sculptor's scaffolding was still in place. Want to guess what year that was?

Here's a little humorus story for you: On my ever ending quest to be thinner/more fit, vigorous participation in a cardio dance routine was obviously not the way to go, especially with a predisposition to knee "problems". I give you full permission to laugh out loud as mental images run through your head:) Barely able to bare weight, I realize it's time to take a dose of my own medicine. Dr. Wilhelm's voice crept into my head-sure enough 48 hours later, I'm 90% cured!! Ice, ice, ice(20 0n/ 20 Off); straight leg raises along with quad tightening(your knee is only as strong as the muscles holding it together) and heel slides. Yeh, me! The moral of the story is, yes, I do believe in taking my own advise! I will spare you the details surrounding the story of the hot water burn I received day before yesterday!

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