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Our new friend Blaze in Antigonish

Making our selves at home in Blaze's garage

Sucess at last - we finally found the bolt Blaze

View from our balcony at Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia

It was sunny and fairly warm when we loaded the bike this morning. What a welcome sight. Your mood changes instantly in the sunshine. The constant grey skies and wet weather can be depressing after a while.

I needed to fill a prescription right away since I could not do so in Newfoundland so we headed to the next major town which was Antigonish. I dropped off the prescription, then had an hour to kill since the pharmacist needed to call my pharmacist in Red Deer and with the 3 hour difference they were not yet open.

I decided to pull the skid plate off once more to see if I might be able to get the broken bolt for the trellis, which the side stand is mounted on, out and determine what size bolt to start looking for. Within a couple of minutes after removing the skid plate a fellow stopped by and asked if I needed any help. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly someone will stop and offer assistance here in the Maritimes. We could learn a lot from these people back in Alberta.

I explained the situation and Blaze, the fellow who stopped, quickly suggested I use his garage since he had all the tools I needed and it looked like it could rain. We took him up on the offer and headed over to his place a block away.

While I removed the broken bolt he searched his garage for a bolt to match but had no luck. He then suggested I take his truck to go find a bolt. Since I did not know the town he decided to jump into the truck and take me around himself.

We must have tried every place in town and spent about two hours going from place to place looking but did not find one. We did however have a great time chatting with everyone along the way and got to know each other fairly well. Blaze is a barber and owns a shop downtown. He was basically away from the shop for dinner when he ran into us in the parking lot but did not think twice about taking the time out to help us.

We headed back to his place and when we arrived he thought of one last place we could try. He said he would go in and have is lunch while I took his truck over to try this last place, which we did but did not find the bolt.

He showed us how to close up the garage and showed us where the key for the house was if we need to come back then headed off to work. What a great guy!

We put the bike back together and although we did not find the bolt we needed we were 90% of the way as far as getting the repair done since we had the broken piece out and knew exactly what we were looking for. We also had directions to a machine shop that should have the bolt about 50 km down the road we were traveling.

At New Glasgow we stopped at the machine shop. They did not have the bolt but gave us directions to a supplier nearby that should have it. We found the supplier and they did have what we needed. To top it off they did not even charge us for it.

With our bolt in hand we headed south to the south shore to Port Dufferin where we found a lovely motel with balconies overlooking the ocean and a restaurant in a restored 1859 sea captain's house. It was sunny and warm all afternoon without a drop of rain.

We had a great day and once again the highlight was the people we met, especially Blaze, the barber in Antigonish.

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