Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

We're back home and making the transition from being mobile to settled. The weather makes me wish we were back on the road!! But we are so glad to be with our family and friends again.

We had a great winter!

We covered almost 9000 miles, and burned more fuel and took more pictures than we like to admit, on a route that took us from seaside to mountains, from the Atlantic ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, travelling in 4 provinces and 12 states plus our forays into Mexico.

Along the way, we made new friends and visited old ones, and appreciated being able to spend extra time with family as well.

But the big question is whether we preferred the motorhome over the boat, and that is a hard one to answer. For Mike, the RV wins. No contest. He enjoys driving, and likes the amenities. He also likes knowing his anchor won't drag at night in the wind! It took me longer to appreciate traveling on a highway, but I too liked the variety of places that we visited and the relative ease of getting there. Living in an RV is easier than on a boat, although a patio is not quite as pleasant as a cockpit, not is a land dinghy as much fun and adventure as our boat dinghy.... so for me the verdict is still out!

Now we have an added adventure for this summer, bringing Some Goode home from Florida. Mike is making plans to go down and get her ready and then I will join them (Mike and Some Goode) to sail her home and put her for sale.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of friends who have told us they enjoy reading our on-line journal, so we will continue it for next winter's 'wheelygoode adventures' and perhaps update it from time to time over the summer. If any of you have suggestions for improvements or additions which would make it more interesting, please let us know.

Life is a journey............

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