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Sometimes I feel like I'm living in an Archie comic. Wasn't it true that there were three girls of different hair colour who were prime characters? I can't quite remember - I know there was Betty and Veronica, and I'm sure there was a redhead but I can't quite remember the name.

Anyway, when Sandy and Jayne showed up last night, and you put them beside Kristine, that's pretty much what you have. Sure makes me look good to have all three of them around! Kristine and I had some dinner on the famous Khao San road, as we arrived earlier from Delhi; the girls did not get in until about midnight. We were lucky as we got one of the last rooms in the hotel we wanted. Anyway, Kristine and I were watching Manchester United win yet another soccer game around midnight, and I decided that it was pretty much the time that they should be walking up the road. So out I went, walking straight down the middle of the street. Things were starting to get a little seedier as the night wore on, but nothing like that bloody Bandung back in Indonesia!

Sure enough, there they were coming the other way and I walked right into them, backpacks and all. We exchanged hugs and then I led them over to the hotel where Kristine was deep into her Harry Potter again, but she leapt up to the ceiling once she saw they had arrived. The night didn't end there either - we went out for drinks afterwards and wound up staying out until 4:30 in the morning! I had a tough time today because I just can't do it anymore, and for some reason I was drinking long island ice teas which I have not done for years. But I guess it hit Kristine a little hard too as she is snoozing as I type this ;). It was funny too when Jayne thought the place looked so dirty, and my reaction was that it was pristine! There were even people sweeping up garbage into garbage cans - unbelievable!

Anyway, we had fun, and today we laid out our plans for the next two weeks which is going to be mainly beach time. This is great because it'll be a nice break after India. Jayne and Sandy went to the city palace but Kristine and I rested - we'll catch the palace on one of our other stops through Bangkok. So we are going to fly to Samui tomorrow morning and stay there for a while, then bus over to Krabi, and finally fly back to Bangkok from Phuket on the 22nd when Sandy and Jayne have to leave. It's great to see some familiar faces again!

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