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We are still enjoying life in Daytona Beach. Who would have ever thought that we would live here. I am walking down to Crabby Joe's Pier everyday but Sunday. It's 3 miles round trip I go out and hang around awhile and talk to the people fishing it's also a restaurant. Looks like a lot of fishing and not much catching. I did see a sea turtle Saturday but by the time I got my phone out for a picture he was gone.

There are lots of activities every week. I get a paper every Friday and look to see what's going on. But we never seem to make it to any of them. It was Beach Jeep Week this past week and we have never seen so many Jeeps they were from all over. I didn't know they made so many different one's. The police had to start directing traffic to get on the beach because of the back up. They had Jeep activities and music out at Daytona International Speedway all week.

We went down to Cape Canaveral a couple weeks ago on Monday a to watch a rocket launch but it was cancelled. They decided to launch Wednesday so we just watched it from our deck. Years ago we were here and the space shuttle was coming in and we went down to watch. We got lost that was before GPS. Finally found a bridge to cross and there were cars and people everywhere. We pulled in and asked a guy had it landed yet and he pointed in the air and there it was. It was breath taking for me to realize that it had just came from space and landed it was Awesome. I will make it down for some rocket launches it has to be pretty neat to.

The beach is calling so I will have to continue later.

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