We got the call from the Dodge dealership in Cottonwood, AZ that the pickup was fixed. I got a ride over to the dealership with an RV neighbor, Hank. Sure enough the pickup ran fine, paid the nearly $1800.00 for the new Turbo-charger. The mechanic who worked on it said that Turbo's are very rarely burned out. They should last 400K miles he says.

Most importantly, we're on our way. Though we have nearly a week of time to make up, we'll take one day to drive to LV (about 450 miles), instead of two and instead of 4 days in LV we'll just spend overnight. Then we'll drive to Fallon (about 490 miles)in one day instead of two.

For those of you at the NV ANG, I'll come and see you in a few days. Lookin forward to seeing you guys and gals.. You'll notice that I've lost about 36 pounds and now have a beard (nice).

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