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Well it's still winter in Kentucky for the past 7 years our winter home was South Texas. For the 1st year we stayed at Lake Front Lodge, Zapata TX on Falcon Lake. The next 2 years we stayed there but went to Kenwood RV Resort, La Feria TX for 1 month then back to Zapata. Days in Zapata consisted of bass fishing if George was there and the catfish fishing with AL when he wasn't there.

But then the last few years we would go to South Padre Island for a month and then move up to Kenwood for our winter home. I guess what I'm getting at is winter started around the first of January that's around the time the trees lost there leaves and then they would start budding out the beginning of February and winter was over.

But that's not the way it is in Kentucky I have watched Florida weather for several years and I believe that it will be as good as Texas. Time will tell, we are ready to leave Kentucky.

I started Jury Duty Feb. 5 and I'm on the Circuit Court hopefully everything will be settled out of court. I thought it only lasted for 2 months but it 3 months. I have got out of Aprils because of the closing on condo April 2 in Florida I hope we will make it there

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