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The Tampa Super Show ends tomorrow and our little campsite right outside the entrance is available for us to stay in tonight, but after four days of non stop investigation and window shopping, we felt finished even though we did not come close to viewing the 1,500 RV's that are advertised to be on site. We got a chance to rendezvous with a few old friends, which lead to more going out to eat than we allow ourselves under normal circumstances. With no dishes to wash we had plenty of fresh water left for another night or two. Those of us from the Chicago area were thrilled to find a Portillo's restaurant here. It was decorated just like the one at home and full of Chicago memorabilia.

Our motor home has a subdued interior: lots of brown and black except for the cream colored furniture. Unless we are parked in bright sunshine, it has always felt a bit gloomy inside. After visiting many brighter rigs, it occurred to me that brighter bulbs in our fixtures might improve the situation. LED's have improved since our rig was manufactured in 2012. One very friendly light bulb vendor loaned us some bulbs to try out and the difference was dramatic. It was a chore to switch out 23 tiny LED's, but I am so glad we did. And the friendly vendor earned a tidy sum as well.

About half our fellow campers moved out this morning and we followed them a few hours later. A cold front with some rain is forecast for tonight, so it made sense to drive back to Titusville on dry pavement and get settled in before what the Floridians call cold arrives. We were glad to see our jacks come up with the press of a button as they should. Our newly repaired alternator cycles on and off rather than running continuously, so we'll need to work on that with the folks who did our repair a few weeks ago, before we head out for the long drive home.

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