Mel And Nancy trip to Maritime Provences travel blog

Giant Iceberg

Iceberg in fog

home near iceberg

Mel, Nancy, Eva and Barry with closeup Iceberg

Nancy with Iceberg in distance

A cold, windy cloudy morning for a boat ride in an open boat to see whales and ice bergs 5 miles offshore. We dressed warmly in our woolies and rain gear. By the time we left the harbor the sun was out and we were hot and shedding layers. The Newfies say that you can experience every season in a day and we pretty much did today. It turned out to be a great boat ride with whale sightings and watching and over a dozen ice bergs. We toured around the largest berg about 5 miles offshore which was partially hidden in the fog. Beautiful and exciting.

We drove to another berg which was nearly blocking the channel entrance at the small village of Goose Cove. In the evening we searched for more moose but found none.

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