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Rain, tape and cars at rounds about, train wins. You may be...

Quaint eh?

Beef works out at about $130 per kg!!!!!

Overly travelling companion

Bear on display for us trourists - a sad looking creature

Beautiful clouds and mist greeted us this morning. No boat ride on the lake so a visit to the medieval parts of Bern wa chosen. The hour and a bit drive was very scenic as you would expect - we took the road less traveled as one of us forgot to tell the gps to use toll roads. Beautiful villages, great architecture, interesting Agrciulture and no traffic to speak of. The journey was made even more pleasant by my sparkling conversation. Apparently this area has had more rain during these months than in then last 100 years. Had a bit of fun with some road works - some men in fluro brought out what looked like security tape and stopped traffic on a round a bout. Hmmmmm. Then a train come thundering thru and back goes the tape. Never know what to expect.Many buildings are still there from centuries ago. Lost have been filled by shops attracting us tourists like ants at a picnic. Plenty of rain today so are photos show umbrellas and raincoats. The old buildings have kilometers of covered walkways attached so we only got wet taking pictures from the middle of the road back to the buildings. The drivers are used to tourists so no horns just patiently waited for us to take our picture and then get out of their road. On our way out we had a chat to a policeman that pulled us over - it appears randomly. He started talking to Chris, unfortunately she did not recognize the language. It appears he tried German ad we started speaking saying something about what do you want? Oh he was speaking French as we have Fench number plates. He then spoke perfect English to us and it all got sorted after he checked our ergo etc. It started raining but he kept talking and did we enjoy our holiday. Pleasant fellow. A little confusion as I started wiping the water off the door inside, Chris then telling me to get a move on as our friendly policeman had stopped the traffic so we could get back on the road. A little flustered but on our way again. We have to return the car clean so gave it a car wash and vacuum. Pointless really as it rained all the way back home. Ah the joys of travel.One of is slightly more stressed as we have to get to an airport, return the car and then get to a train station. It may be pointless if the train strike has stopped our train but at the moment all indications are that it is still on.

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