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Welcome to South Dakota on US 83
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Sat, 15 Aug: The heat wave continues, now with winds...

As tho yesterday's heat wasn't bad enough, this morning dawned already too hot for comfort. But now, we had gusty winds sufficient to blow our coach all over the road.

We carefully lowered Carpe Diem off the stacks of lumber we used to level her. It went well, nobody got hurt and we didn't have to dig out the checkbook for repairs. A good start...

We got the car hooked up and Bob pulled back on US 2 a few minutes before nine. We continued west only a few miles to ND 30, which we took south to ND 19 west to ND 19 south to ND 200 west to ND 14. ND 14 is a major north/south arterial that connects Minot with southern cities. At I 94 it adds US 83, which is the road we'll take south into South Dakota.

But first we stopped at Sterling Cenex for a diesel top up. The wind, which was mostly right on our nose, wreaked havoc on our fuel economy. We thought we'd have sufficient fuel to reach Rapid City, but we decided to take on 35 gallons to ensure that would be the case. The wind also wreaked havoc with the birds. They must be disoriented in this wind as we hit two of them during today's drive. Thankfully, no damage to the coach but we can't attest as to the bird's state of health.

After fueling we grabbed a quick lunch at the truck stop's snack bar. It consisted of heating pre-packaged sandwiches (Bob) and scooping out a bowl of chili (Sandi). Back on US 83 we continued south 75 miles into South Dakota and Herreid, our current location. We are in another 50% off Passport America park with (level) 30 ampere full hookup site. We're unsure if we'll leave in the morning or not (depends on the wind). At this writing we're almost 300 miles from Rapid City.

Today's drive was 220 miles with a wind-impared fuel economy of 6¾ mpg.

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