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a section of the inside of the restaurant

outdoor patio of the restaurant

spraying pest control on bugs depicting thiings like self doubt, guilt, and...

does this depict evolution or what?

forget about sneakers over phone lines!

poor bird!

arriving at the Wynwood Wall courtyard

this is for the dentists!

story of woman from birth to old age

I just had to strike a pose!

so did Jeanne & Laurie!

look at the big picture


I loved this!

I also liked this!

imagine all those fans working!

very nice centerpiece


lots of things in this gallery

this is two deep in art!

too much to take in!

peace being three deep!

oh my!

Does that bolt need tightening?

graffiti wall for sure!

zebra building, eh?

art next to a bakery

creative name!

thru the looking glass (I'm making up these names)

nice colors here

climbing the walls!

coke eats through the cup

vision test

depiction of an art gallery


Miami from a wall of paint

wheels light up at night at this eatery

pretty funny

nice pictures

I know some 5 year olds who can do this!

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one of many long pictures on walls

Another beautiful day! Laurie is off from work, so the three of us went just north of downtown Miami to see fine art on walls. Wynwood is a neighborhood in mid-Miami that has historically been a factory district. It became rundown and graffiti artists painted many abandoned buildings. Then someone had an idea to turn that art into something people would want to come and see. Restaurants and art galleries were enticed to come and people were encouraged to paint buildings in creative ways.

There is one main section or courtyard containing this wall art, but there was plenty of art to be seen blocks all around it. We ate at a fine restaurant with art hung on its walls and artfully decorated and designed, too. The soup and sweet potato fries were god, and Jeanne & Laurie liked their shared brisket hoagie sandwich. I took bunches of pictures again and had a hard time picking which ones to share with you!

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