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Carpe Diem & Carpe Dinkum at Knoxville Wal*Mart

We drove the Bluegrass Parkway to Lexington

Bluegrass Parkway

Road constructtion along the Bluegrass Parkway

Rain on I 75 south of Lexington

Welcome to Tennessee along I 75

Cumberland Gap

I 75 to I 640 in Knoxville

Thu, 03 Oct: A wet, wet day...

Today was the end of our "goofing off" and we needed to put some purpose in our lives. We've been having far too much fun and we needed to put some miles behind us in order to meet some "hard dates".

We left the White Acres Campground in Bardstown and drove five miles to a BP station to put some diesel in the tank. Because the station was pretty tight quarters Bob drove the coach and Sandi the car. After pumping the fuel we hooked up the car and headed east on the Bluegrass Parkway toward Lexington.

It had been raining off and on all morning and we had some scattered sprinkles as we headed east. West of Lexington we transitioned to KY 4 and then US 25 to I 75 south. We stopped for lunch at a Wal*Mart in Berea Kentucky and switched drivers. While parked the skies opened and some pretty intense rain cells moved thru. We sat for almost an hour waiting for the rain to pass and, when it lightened up, we pressed on.

Didn't do us much good, however. For the next fifty or sixty miles we were in and out of rain ranging from drizzle to torrential downpour. Even sitting as high as we do in the coach the road spray can really limit the visibility. So, we took it easy, and had no problems.

I 75 crosses into Tennessee north of the Cumberland Gap and the interstate becomes pretty hilly with some long up (and down) grades exceeding 4%. Carpe's turbocharged diesel didn't have any major problems with any of the grades so we just kept chugging along.

We stopped at a Wal*Mart north of Knoxville hoping to spend the nite. The folks in the store were very pleasant, but the place they wanted us to park was so uneven we would never be able to get leveled. So, we pressed on, transitioning to I 640 to loop around the east side of town, and found a Wally with a (mostly) level parking lot and plenty of room. And that's were we are as this is written.

Today's run was 242 miles via the Bluegrass Parkway, Kentucky State 4, Federal 25, Interstate 75, and Interstate 640. Despite all the ups and downs Carpe still managed to eke eight miles from each gallon of diesel.

Tomorrow is a comparatively shorter run, about 190 miles from Knoxville to Gaffney South Dakota. We don't want to arrive too early so we'll have to kill time and make it an easy day. The forecast is calling for sunny weather so we're looking forward to a good run.

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