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This morning I had an appointment with my new primary care physician, Dr. Ron Byrd.  He found a thyroid nodule on the left side of my neck.  I'll have an ultrasound on it tomorrow.  I certainly hope it’s nothing serious.

Then I went to Michael's (craft store) to see if I could find any decals for my little white box. In front of the store was a big bin of flip flops on sale for 29 cents a pair.  I grabbed an armful of them for the Hays-Caldwell Women's Shelter.  (The director had told us that flip flops were their greatest need because abuse victims are often rescued at night and arrive at the center barefooted and in their pajamas. With flip flops they don’t have to worry about sizes.) When the clerk started ringing them up, it showed one cent per pair.  I asked if I could buy all of them at that price.  She called over the manager and when I told him why I wanted them, he said I could have them all for 15 cents total.  I was flabbergasted. They filled two big boxes!! I managed to contain my tears until I was in my car.

I didn’t buy the decals or paints then but I took Carolyn back there later to give me advice on what to get. I ended up buying two bottles of multi-surface acrylic paints. Then we went to the Dollar Tree on William Cannon where I found some decals. Yeah!!

Now it was time for the downer of the day. The gremlins evidently have been hard at work. When I opened my e-mails, I had one from National General Insurance telling me that my new policy had been canceled due to insufficient funds. Aarrgghh!!! I had more than enough in my checking account to cover that check. I called my agent to see what was going on. Her records showed that the check had cleared. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to issue the policy and give me the policy number. The mystery deepens. I then called my credit union. They showed no record of any activity. I called my insurance agent back. She ended up getting payment via my VISA card so she could set up another policy for me effective today. I wasn’t keen on driving around tomorrow without insurance coverage!

To add insult to injury, the insurance company’s computer system was acting strange. When I tried to sign on using my original user name and password, it said that there was no such user. I thought maybe it was because my policy had been canceled. However, when I tried to re-register using my original user name, it said that the user name was already in use. HUH?? I re-registered with a different user name but using my original password. It then let me view my new policy coverage but I couldn’t get to any other information or to the page where I could request paperless statements. I guess I need to call the sheriff’s posse to track down those gremlins. :>)

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