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In the cockpit of a 747

The Japaneese "Zeke" or Zero" Fighter Plane from WWII

A P51 US Fighter Plane from WWII

Sam on the deck of a US Aircraft Carrier

Napoleon in the National Gallery of Art

Sam with a firefly

The boys meet FDR

Today we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. My favorite part was the World War Two exhibit. They had everything from American bombers to a German officers’ suits. It was amazing. I liked the bullet shells they had. Some of them were incredibly big. They also had bombers that had flown more than 50 missions. There was a room that had a short film that about how to take off and land from a aircraft carrier. There is an order of what planes take off at what times. I also saw the engines from the titan 5 rockets used to first propel men to the moon After that we went to the National Art Gallery to catch up with my aunt who spent the day there. When the museums closed we went home ate dinner and relaxed for awhile. Later we hit the streets again and checked out more Monuments. We saw The Vietnam War Memorial, The Roosevelt Monument. and the Jefferson Monument. The FDR Monument was my favorite: I liked how it looked and I liked the quotes.

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