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trees growing on the ledges

amazing root systems

the spit at Barren River Dam beach

Air Force jet

Army jet

Navy jet

Blue Hole at Lost River Cave looks blue when sun shines on...

little froggie

Morgan went through Versailles, IN, also

butterfly house has no butterflies in it right now

more amazing roots

Lost River Spring

female & male goldfinch

better shot of a male

snake on the trail slithered away

entrance to the cave that used to be a mill

boat came from Mammoth Cave!

John Hunt Morgan hid here

Jesse James hid here

This is surprising!

the stage in a corner by the river

the dance floor as seen from the stage

very interesting chair outside the county library

legs on one side

legs on the other side

just because I lived near Woodstock

fountain square is really oval

top of the fountain

I took today off to see the chiropractor in Glasgow and then to see a few places in Bowling Green. I went by Barren River Dam so I stopped at the beach across from the campground this time. There is a picnic area on the point or spit of land near the beach and the trees at the edge reminded me of trees I saw at Monterey, CA or Crater Lake, OR!

I went past an aviation park with a few jets on display, so I stopped to see them. They are planes piloted by men from this area in either WWII, Korea, or Viet Nam.

I watched teenagers play disc golf at a park where I ate lunch, walked through a preserve with a gate behind a church, walked the nature trails and learned alot about Lost River Cave, drove through the campus of Western Kentucky University, and had dinner outside a restaurant/bar on Fountain Square.

I will be back to this city in the near future because there's a lot more to see!

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