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This morning I saw my primary care doctor for evaluation of my knees, which I injured a couple of weeks ago in a fall in a parking lot. I was greatly relieved and very thankful that neither of them were broken or fractured. However, the fall aggravated the existing arthritis. He gave me a cortisone injection in my right knee to hasten the healing.

This afternoon I saw Dr. David Harris at the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine (CHARM) to discuss treatment options for my degenerated lumbar. He recommended radio-frequency neurotomy for facet joint pain. This involves an initial visit for injections to block either the facet joints or the median branch nerves that innervate the joints. This is to verify that the pain can be interrupted by temporarily blocking the nerve branches. It this is successful, a second visit will involve a lesioning procedure during which a needle is inserted to heat the surrounding tissue and sear the nerve ends. The nerve ends can regenerate in time but, usually, the procedure won’t have to be repeated for 1-2 years. I was thankful to learn that these procedures are covered by Medicare. I’m feeling hopeful that I will get some relief at long last. My appointment for the initial procedure is set for Thursday, May 3.

I really like Dr. Harris. He patiently explained everything and gave me enough information that I felt comfortable in my treatment decision. He suggested that prolotherapy probably would be more beneficial to my knees than to my back. For now, that’s on the back burner, though.

He was pleased with all the copies of reports, etc., that I gave him. Based on my recent lab results from Victory Medical Center, he recommended that I increase my Vitamin D dose to 6000 IU per day. He also mentioned the possibility that the radio-frequency neurotomy procedure could kill the virus which caused the infection in my left eye. What a relief that would be!

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