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Since this is our third stay at the Tropic Star campground in Pharr, I sometimes find myself at a loss for topics to comment on. The things I wrote about this park and the area during previous visits are still true, but I feel silly writing about them again if I have nothing new to say. Of course, I am probably the only one who remembers what I wrote before. It makes me admire the writers of some of the blogs I read, who write regularly and manage to avoid commenting on what they ate for dinner and who visited them. But I should affirm that the fact that I don't write as frequently when we are not on the move, does not mean that we are not having a good time, repeating the activities that we have enjoyed during previous stays.

It is likely that the reoccurrence of upper respiratory issues has taken some of the wind out of our sails. We have struggled with intermittent coughs and runny noses since the summer. It doesn't seem appropriate to visit a doctor when all you have is a cold, but when we finally went to see the doctor before Christmas she chided us for waiting so long. She loaded us up with inhalers, antibiotics, and steroids and we suddenly felt so much better. Most assuredly we felt well rested without waking numerous times during the night coughing and sneezing at each other. But I am sorry to say that all my symptoms have returned and after stoutly resisting for a few days, Ken has rejoined me on the sick bay. The doctor kindly sent a new scrip to the local Walgreen's, but I am still coughing a lot.

I guess we can take comfort in the fact that there's not a whole lot on our agenda here. Some days the highlight has been getting together with the other residents of Banana Street for happy hour. When the Banana sign appears in the middle of the street, it is our sign to bring a lawn chair to an empty site and get together at 4pm to chat and snack. This week my raucous cough became a major topic of discussion and I felt overwhelmed with advice about how to get rid of it.

And when we watch the news from home and see that winter has finally arrived with a vengeance, we feel as thankful to be here in the warmth and sunshine as we did on our first winter away. I could write that every day.

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