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Gallinule & baby having breakfast in our back yard

Views of John Prince County Park - very nice campground

We just thought the freeway was going to be faster!

Passing Palm Beach

Passing a swampy area

Part of a huge tree nursery


Lots of full drainage ponds along the freeway


This is the kind of freeway we like

We thought they'd launched a rocket from Kennedy Space Ctr

Clouds are building up

Lots of rain the last couple of days in this area

We didn't plan this into our itinerary - oops!

Just a little rain shower


Back into the tree growing regions of Florida


Matanzas River & the IntraCoastal Waterway



These are blooming near our site - anybody know what they are?

Nice site tucked close to the trees

Woke to lovely sunshine this morning & took our time getting ready to roll - didn't want to hit the rush hour traffic. So it was about 9:20 when we got on the freeway & immediately ran into stop & go traffic. Ugh! The first hour was v e r y s l o w but after we passed the bottleneck it was great for the rest of the trip. We were impressed with how well-kept I-95 was. There was a lot of construction on the road - improvements - & the sides of the road are beautifully green. (Being from the West we're not used to green along the roads!)

We only drove thru a couple of rain showers & were set up in the Elks Lodge in St. Augustine before the heavy rain hit. (answered prayer!) Tomorrow we're hoping to take a tour of Daytona Speedway & don't know what else we'll find to do. More later...

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