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August 12 – Day 51- Rest day Ottawa

Rest day or work day it is some of each. This morning it was cleaning bikes at 6 am and finishing the laundry. Then off to breakfast in a very nice cafeteria and then back to work on this journal which was very much in arrears.

But first the important stuff, Terri left her helmet in Rockwood on our day off so we had to get to a bike shop to get a new one. Well we had to go anyway because my rear brake cable was about to break so that needed to be replaced and Bruce Stevenson had a rear wheel that was wobbly and needed trueing so we trouped off to the “Fresh Air Experience” a good bike shop recommended by my good friend Marta Haley whom I had the pleasure of working with at Elanco.

The bike shop got us all fixed up and while they did that we enjoyed a great lunch at a “Newfy” restaurant next door and Terri got her feet beautified at a boutique close by. Then it was back to the campus for a quick shower before we were picked up by a great chauffeur, the lovely Marta Haley and off to one of my favorite Italian restaurants for a great dinner. Thanks Marta, you are super to have taken time with us after just returning from South Africa. A night that was super and then preparation for the next day on the road into Quebec. Dam that means we will finally have navigated the province of Ontario and so number 5 province will finally be behind us! It will be nice as we enter Quebec tomorrow morning.

That was one good rest day but still tired out after all the activities. It is hell to be an old fart!

Tour Fun and Games

*During our rest stop in Thunder Bay the younger riders went out for a night on the town. After leaving the bar to walk home they were approached by the local police to see what they were up to. After listening to their story and seeing just how far they were away from our accommodations he told all 7 of them to get in and he escorted them back to the dorms. The service in Thunder Bay is extrodinary!

*After four weeks of living in a tent we had private dorm rooms in Thunder Bay with single beds. The alarm startled Jane so she reached forj it but forgot she was in a bed and just about landed flat on the floor. We figure that by the end of the tour we will be setting up our tents in the backyard at home to get a good nights sleep!

*Upon arriving in Terrace Bay Bethany couldn't find her tent in the pile that had been thrown off the truck. After a great deal of searching she found it already set-up on top of the support truck 12ft off the ground. The following day she road into camp to find it set-up ready under an awning with fresh flowers, a sandwich and can of coke.

*In Nestleton Bethany`s tent was seen moving across the lake on a boat and deposited on a large floating trampoline. Unfortunately the wind picked up the tent and plunged into the water. Bethany jumped in after it, her father Ron and Frosty (the culpert) boated out and saved the tent before it sank. Luckily Bethany is a very good sport but now Frosty needs to watch his back as she has declared war.

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