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Any anniversary of the terrorist attacks always brings back angry feelings inside me. This tragedy could have been avoided but for some gigantic egos and control freaks.

My friend Nelle’s husband, Clancy, was a flight instructor in Florida where those terrorists were taking flight training. The fact that they wanted to learn only how to control the planes in the air raised a giant red flag in Clancy’s mind. He discussed this with his superiors who pooh-poohed him and disregarded his warning. Clancy then contacted the CIA or FBI (I’ve forgotten which) but they also dismissed it. I can’t help but wonder what all those people were thinking on 9/11 – and since then, for that matter.

Sadly, Clancy was fired as a result of committing the “cardinal sin” of going above his superiors. Several years later he was given a big monetary reward, but this hardly atones for their inaction. I wonder what Clancy is thinking.

Another friend, Wanda, had been visiting her daughter in Pennsylvania and was flying back home to California when the attack occurred. Her flight was grounded, along with every other flight, so she had trouble getting home. It was a very scary situation for her.

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