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Local guide books refer to this area as the Forgotten Coast. They extol the virtues of the quiet and relaxation this sparsely populated part of the coast can provide. But it must be added that as retirees, we aren't in all that much need of rest and relaxation. There are significantly lower temperatures here during the winter than the rest of the state. It feels like we are here during the low season or maybe the shoulder season, but there are other geezers here as well. As Spring Break nears, we may miss the peace and quiet we are enjoying now.

As we drove to St. George on a barrier island, we passed numerous places selling fresh fish. Although this coast was not really affected by the oil spill last summer, there are programs on TV complaining about the depressed fishing industry nevertheless. To do our part, we stopped and bought as much as our freezer would hold, not a whole lot as any RV owner can testify.

The St. George lighthouse is still standing due to the love of the volunteers that have moved it every time a storm eroded the sand around its base and picked it up and moved it again after it totally fell over and split into a multitude of pieces. The barrier island is much more populated than the area where we are camped. We saw numerous attractive beach homes on stilts, many available for rent.

We rode the bike trail from the lighthouse to the state park at the end of the island. As the guide books said, this is another great spot to enjoy the beach and relax. But since we are camped at water's edge, it made more sense to return to the campground with our fresh fish and enjoy the views of the water from there. Along the way we passed a bald eagle and numerous bear warning signs instead of the alligator warning signs we had seen in Sarasota. Guess it's too cold for the gators on the Forgotten Coast.

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