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Brief tribute to Mike Menzies and Melinda.

Map positioning. After truck repairs delayed my departure a couple days, I hit the road and headed westward once more, with my last Texas overnight in Abilene.

Actually, there is one story. I was passing in the vicinity of Luckenbach, Texas today, so wanted to make an effort to stop by in memory of Mike Menzies. Some may remember that the song ‘Luckenbach Texas’ was sort of his theme song, and Melinda had promised him that we would call him if we ever got there in our travels. So, I guess this was a bit of a tribute to them both.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get IN to Luckenbach. As I was approaching, there was a sign that directed you to the Luckenbach loop road, and as I saw it, I wasn’t sure whether the trailer could either make it down the road, or where the road went, or whether there was a way out once I got in. So I kept on the main road, and at least SAW the town. And the other end of the loop didn’t look any better. So here’s to you both, from Luckenbach, Texas.

Travel time: 6 hrs, 35 min.

Distance: 307 miles

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