Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

We entered the Underground Tour on the left side of the building

The Shamrock Card Room

Not everyone was playing cards, is this a sign he was not...

Just hanging out

This was the bathhouse, the water was used over and over again...

Laundry room, and we complain

This was the Chinese Living area

This is a pile of wool taken from one small sheep, more...

This is a picture of the meat market

Empire Meat Market

Was probably a big sale for the time

This was a hidden room where men could come and drink, there...

Worry or Smoking which is WORSE?

I wonder if he knows he is not alone??

I am always afraid of meeting a bear hiking, now I know...

Original Gambling Machine

Picture of the underground pool hall

A nice street mural

These glass blocks were all the way down the street to let...

This is where we had lunch later, Earl is in the background

Info about the building the bordello was located in

Nancy headed up to the bordello

Long dark hallway to the rooms

This picture was hanging over the stairwell

This was the waiting room where the ladies met the men

The madame, she hired only young girls and worked them only a...

The madames living room

This was to let everyone know not to enter, work was being...

Another room in the Madames area

She was very comfortable

The madames bedroom, pretty basic for a successful woman

One of the girls room, notice the flashy bedspread

Another working girls room

This girls room was a mess

The mens room was clearly marked

This was where the girls took care of their laundry

This was a restful place for the girls

And many cups of coffee and alot of conversation took place here

Cleaning up room

Back into the Chinese living area

The men could not always trust each other and this was the...

Not far from the bunk beds to the kitchen

Need to find out from Joe what this box says???

Still wondering is it a wood box??

This was the smoke room, see the wood pillows and smoke pot,...

This was the dining area, notice the hat on the table

Antique Chinese game

Checker game

This was a sleeping pillow, and they could hide valuables inside, doesn't...

They had a film on his life and several of his saddles...

Duff working on a project, very humble man and thought it was...

One of the saddles on display

Our lunch spot

Today we were able to take a tour of the underground streets in Pendleton built in the late 1800's. The underground street contained a meat market, laundry, Shamrock cardroom, jails, Chinese living quarters. A problem existed trying to get exports to the barges before they were stolen so an underground system was set up to allow everything to be moved undergroud so they would not be stolen.

The streets were set up meeting all needs. Very interesting to see.

Above the underground was a hotel that the owner needed money and rented it to a madame so she could establish a reputable bordello. Later on the man died and his wife found out and would no longer rent to the lady (seems that she forgot she enjoyed the money from the rent as much as her husband. But the bordello was in business into the 1950's.

The Chinese had living quarters, laundry and an opium room for their use in the underground. The life for the Chinese was very rough and they lived in danger of being killed for no reason. The only relief they had was opium no matter how high the risk.

We also toured the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute, which is very well done. The museum houses exhibits of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes. The experience was even better because an elder Indian was taking several high school Indian children thru to tell them how important it is for them to remember their heritage, and how important it is to become better than the public thinks of them. He said that when someone drives by a junk house or car they immediately say "must belong to an Indian", he said the young must change this. We were not allowed to take any pictures.

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